Case Study

Increasing Brand Awareness of B2B Finance Company, OmniBnk
(Previously Portal Finance)


“As our company grows, Launchway Media has helped us get our product in front of the right audience with story ideas and consistent media coverage in key publications for our industry.”

- Diego Caicedo, CEO omnibnk


About the company

Omnibnk is a neobank finance company that streamlines access to capital for small- and medium-sized businesses in Latin America.

Omnibnk approached Launchway Media to help position their CEO as an industry leader, build up the company’s credibility, and amplify their funding and expansion announcements to a global audience.


Our services


company announcements (PR)


FOUNDER branding
(bylines & media outreach)


Launchway helped Omnibnk
appear in industry publications such as:


“Working with Launchway Media has paid off big time. Each time they help us create a thought-leadership article, we receive 1-2 inbound leads from potential funding partners or investors.”

– Diego Caicedo, CEO of Omnibnk


The results

During a one and a half year campaign, Launchway Media accomplished the following while continuing to lead omnibnk’s PR efforts:

  • Wrote press releases to announce company funding news and secured features in leading technology and finance publications.

  • Secured quotes and interviews with the company CEO in top industry publications.

  • Doubled the quantity of backlinks to the website.