Let Launchway Media Boost your Personal Brand

Businessman working analysis business information.

Personal branding has numerous benefits including building trust with the consumer, boosting lead generation, and increasing an organization’s reach online.

The numbers also show why personal branding efforts are so essential.

If you’re ready to launch a credible, trustworthy personal brand, learn how Launchway Media can help.


What we can do for you



Launchway Media can run social media accounts for personal pages on the following networks:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Quora

  • Instagram

  • Reddit

  • Medium

We use social media approval tool, GAIN, so we do not need your login information for most social networks. We simply write engaging, shareable posts, the posts are sent through the tool to your email account, and you hit ‘approve’ or ‘revise’ for each one. Then the posts are automatically scheduled.



Whether it’s a personal blog or company blog, Launchway Media will write SEO-optimized content that appeals to your target market.

We are experts in WordPress, Squarespace, Medium, Blogger, Ghost, and other blogging platforms, so we can handle the process from writing to posting.



Bylines or contributed content are non-promotional articles written and placed in industry publications.

We know what type of content editors accept, and we’ve placed articles in VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Nasdaq, Forbes, and more for our clients.

We’ll write the content under your name, get your approval, and then send the piece for publication.



If your company does not have any upcoming announcements, we can still keep your name in the news.

Depending on your expertise, we’ll pitch you as an industry expert to industry publications, who will then quote you in relevant articles.

Our clients have been quoted in Entrepreneur, the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Business Insider, and more.



You likely have a lot to say about your industry, so we can help organize all of the insights into an eBook.

We can write the content, organize it for publication, and work with your designer to publish a useful guide or viewpoint on any topic.

We can help get the eBook ready, but you will be the author and sole owner of the content.