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5 Useful Hacks to Measure a Public Relations Campaign with Actual Data

Ten years ago, PR efforts were necessary but somewhat unmeasurable. Today, PR is a key tool for driving engagement and creating a community around a brand, and thankfully, efforts can be measured. Measuring tactics such as dissecting content analysis of articles is good, but it’s somewhat arbitrary, and clients now want more numerical results.

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Why Launch Your Startup in Medellín

Medellin, a cosmopolitan city in the Andes, has recently become a hub for entrepreneurs and digital nomads seeking sunshine and a lower cost of living. With a fast-growing economy, a highly supportive government, and a burgeoning community of local and international entrepreneurs, Medellin may be the perfect city for your next launch.

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How to Team Build: Startup Edition

A startup team can triple overnight, which means strange faces can overrun a once small, intimate group. Strong teamwork usually results in more productivity, so startups should try to carve out time for team building exercises. Of course, startups don't want to break the bank on non-essential tasks, so team building usually gets pushed aside.

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How To Get Featured in the App Store Through Cold Emailing

Many steps go into building a successful app with lucrative sales. Some of these steps come into play after the app’s construction has been finalized, like networking. Networking properly can be the difference between your application attracting a small, moderate, or large user base depending on which platforms you can get it featured on.

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Top 7 Stand Out Coworking Spaces in Latin America

Our Launchway Media team spent a month working in the popular Buenos Aires coworking space, La Maquinita, in Palermo Soho. The conducive work atmosphere and networking possibilities we found there were refreshing. As a remote startup traveling around Latin America, our positive experience inspired this blog post which breaks down the most notable cowork spaces available in LATAM.

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Launching in Miami: What Latin American Startups Need to Know

Recently ranked second in the nation for new startup activity, Miami is experiencing a surge in startup and entrepreneurship and shows no signs of slowing down. The tropical lifestyle and proximity to Latin America is turning the South Florida city into a hub for global startup activity as well as a strategic destination for any business that connects or operates across the Americas.

If your Latin American startup has its sights set on expansion into the US, or if you’re already in the US and targeting Latin American markets, here’s why you should consider placing Miami at the top of your list.

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