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A Guide For Startups To Begin Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing may not be the first thing you think of when you contemplate the of necessities for your startup. Due to limited funds and resources, your startup must take unique approaches when investing in your product, marketing, branding, and customer service. But as a startup business owner, you have to be extremely creative, crafty, and forward-thinking to set yourself apart from the competition in your marketplace. This is why mobile marketing is such an instrumental tool for startup businesses. It gives your startup a distinctive edge with audiences; it can be cost effective and not as time consuming as you might think.

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6 Women in Tech You Need to Follow

Women in technology is an often talked about topic as each year the big technology companies (Google, Microsoft, Apple) report abysmal numbers of women in technology and leadership positions. CNET breaks down last year’s numbers noting that women make up 51% of the population and 59% of the workforce but a staggering 30% of jobs in the technology sector. When it comes to leadership roles, these numbers get even smaller, begging the question why don’t women have more of a role in technology?

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5 Signs That Your Startup Is Ready to Expand to The US

Expanding to the US is a big step for any startup -- and a big risk. Many startups fail to make this jump for a number of reasons: failure to find their target market, lack of resources, lack of investors, etc. For companies who have yet to make the leap, you have the opportunity to learn from your past, failed competitors and the time to properly evaluate your company to see if you're ready for the big move. Here are some ways to know that your startup is ready to launch in the US.

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