5 Signs That Your Startup Is Ready to Expand to The US

Expanding to the US is a big step for any startup -- and a big risk. Many startups fail to make this jump for a number of reasons: failure to find their target market, lack of resources, lack of investors, etc. For companies who have yet to make the leap, you have the opportunity to learn from your past, failed competitors and the time to properly evaluate your company to see if you're ready for the big move. Here are some ways to know that your startup is ready to launch in the US.

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6 Best U.S. Visa Options for Startup Entrepreneurs

For anyone thinking about launching their startup in the United States, the unfortunate truth is that the visa can be a pain. From paperwork to waiting times, navigating the US visa process isn’t easy. However, with changing landscapes and the rise of the entrepreneur, lawmakers in the US are quickly trying to change the system to get more bright minds in the country.

As of now, there are a few different ways to go to the United States. Bear in mind that each of these visas has special requirements and some do and don’t allow you to actually work while in the country.

In order to find out which visa is right for you, check out this infographic and learn more below about each type of visa.

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