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8 Startups Reducing Violence Against Women in Latin America

#NiUnaMenos. This hashtag galvanized a movement across Latin America to push back against gender-based violence and “machista” culture. As the US tackles the #MeToo movement, the #TimesUp protest, and the bro culture of Silicon Valley, Latin America’s tech ecosystem is fighting its own battle against female discrimination.

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Top 4 Programs for Female Founders in Latin America

Latin America specifically has the second highest rate of female entrepreneurs discontinuing their business, which perceived to be caused by the lack of access to capital. However, there are several initiatives that are working to reduce, and perhaps eliminate, this rate. Here are four programs for female founders in Latin America.

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6 Women in Tech You Need to Follow

Women in technology is an often talked about topic as each year the big technology companies (Google, Microsoft, Apple) report abysmal numbers of women in technology and leadership positions. CNET breaks down last year’s numbers noting that women make up 51% of the population and 59% of the workforce but a staggering 30% of jobs in the technology sector. When it comes to leadership roles, these numbers get even smaller, begging the question why don’t women have more of a role in technology?

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