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6 Ways to Promote Your Fintech Startup

You’ve spent months developing a product that solves a complex financial problem. You know that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people could benefit from your solution, if only they knew about it. Your early users are spreading the word to their close friends and family, but it probably won’t be enough to help you scale.

If you’ve assumed digital marketing isn’t for you because fintech is not a “sexy” industry, think again.

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3 Marketing Tactics that Might be Destroying Your Startup

Marketing is equal parts art and science, requiring constant experimentation and testing to assure it is achieving the desired results. A quick and unprofessional marketing strategy might be worse than not having one at all. Still, your startup needs to get the word out. Here are tactics that destroy any startup looking to brand itself online.

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Kardashian Tactics: Strengthening the Brand-Consumer Relationship

The marketing tactics that are used by this clan are a good lesson in social etiquette and networking for any B2C brand looking to increase their social media audience. So let’s breakdown how to hone that Kardashian marketing strategy and get something useful from this clan of selfie-snapping, reality star titans.

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