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5 Unconventional Marketing Tactics from Top Latin American Startups

With dozens of new companies launching every week, startups often have to get creative to get noticed. Some of the most successful companies used clever strategies to get started. In the U.S., businesses like Stripe and Tinder used unconventional tactics to onboard new customers. For example, Tinder texted the app to 500 random people.

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How to Be a Better Global Marketer: Latin American Edition

Being able to market to a global audience on a local level is an in-demand skill that will soon become a necessity. As brands expand their product reach worldwide, marketers are left wondering how to adjust campaigns. Especially in Latin America, where big brands like Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Nike, and Apple are seeing higher retail sales, global marketers can easily miss the mark when it comes to reaching this audience.

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