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6 Ways to Promote Your Fintech Startup

You’ve spent months developing a product that solves a complex financial problem. You know that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people could benefit from your solution, if only they knew about it. Your early users are spreading the word to their close friends and family, but it probably won’t be enough to help you scale.

If you’ve assumed digital marketing isn’t for you because fintech is not a “sexy” industry, think again.

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10 Cross-Border Latin American FinTech Startups To Watch

Fintech startups are revolutionizing the financial industry across Latin America. These startups are some of the first providers of financial technology in the region and through their cross-border efforts, they are helping both consumers and companies monitor their finances, make payments, and receive loans.

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12 Disruptive Fintech Startups in Mexico To Watch

Fintech continues to dominate the startup scene in Mexico. The country provides fintech startups with the unique opportunity to serve the largely unbanked population that is now coming online. Mexico is also the perfect gateway for expansion into the United States and globally. Here are 12 of the most disruptive fintech startups in Mexico to watch.

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