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10 Cross-Border Latin American FinTech Startups To Watch

Fintech startups are revolutionizing the financial industry across Latin America. These startups are some of the first providers of financial technology in the region and through their cross-border efforts, they are helping both consumers and companies monitor their finances, make payments, and receive loans.

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A Brief Overview of the Startup Scene in Uruguay

When you think about the Latin American startup scene, Brazil, Mexico, and Chile may come to mind. You probably haven’t considered Uruguay. With its fairly untapped market of 3.4 million residents, Uruguay is a gold mine for foreign investors. Though the market is on the smaller side, the business incubator scene is thriving, and the economy has been steadily growing by 5-6% over the past decade.

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The Best US Locations to Build Your Startup (Outside of Silicon Valley)

There are other startup hubs in the US that can be just as conducive to your business’ growth if not more because when it comes to other locations, the risks come at a lower cost and the gains can frequently be more stable. So let’s take a look at some solid, lucrative locations for your startup to call home, other than Silicon Valley.

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