New eBook: 200+ Fast Facts about Technology in Latin America

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our second eBook, 200+ Fast Facts about Technology in Latin America.

Latin America is well on its way to becoming a leading economic region in the world and the driving force behind this growth is technology. There are more than 625 million people in Latin America, and an extraordinary percentage of the population is already connected to a mobile network.

Complementing the massive adoption of smartphones in the region is a new wave of foreign investments from countries such as China. While fluctuating economies, lax or absent regulations, and political uncertainty will continue to challenge technological growth in Latin America, the opportunities for individuals and businesses have never been stronger.

Latin America is often viewed as a unified region; however, it’s important to note that the technology landscape in each country is distinct and complex.

Across Latin America, Internet access, mobile adoption rates, and the overall penetration of technology vary drastically. What’s more, technology businesses, entrepreneurs, and government initiatives are shaping Latin American economies in remarkably different ways.

This book is a guide to the technology landscape in 22 Latin American countries, including Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, México, Nicaragua, Panamá, Paraguay, Perú, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Download your copy here. We hope you enjoy the latest information on the technology landscape in Latin America.