Overview of Coding Bootcamps in Latin America

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The concept of an intensive training course is well known in the tech industry, especially since these courses are usually the backbone of most internal innovation within IT companies. When companies want to upskill employees, some sort of intensive training is usually necessary.

Coding bootcamps are not dissimilar in this regard. However, these bootcamps place a much greater focus on breeding a new type of software developer – those who have little or no previous experience in the field or the “self-taught” developer. Seeing as the demand for coders and the salaries in this sector are booming, there is no wonder the market for coding bootcamps is in turn soaring.

Coding bootcamps, initially launched around 2012, have been consistently growing each year. Between 2017 and 2018 there was a colossal growth of 20%, with over 20,300 students graduating last year in comparison to 16,867 in 2017. 

These three- to six-month intensive training courses allow students to learn the foundations of programming, and in most cases, receive hands-on work experience on real projects.

In Latin America, coding bootcamps are gaining popularity. As the startup culture in Latin America continues to skyrocket, there are more and more bootcamps opening up in the region. 

Below we’ve consolidated a list of the top bootcamps in Latin America. Many of these bootcamps have locations around the globe, but these are the Latin American cities where they operate.

Le Wagon

Le Wagon is a worldwide immersive coding bootcamp with campuses in over 35 cities. Students have the opportunity to learn how to build web applications, from front-end to back-end, in just nine weeks. The bootcamp also offers its students the chance to collaborate with a team of developers and learn how to use the right tools and workflows.

Cities: Buenos Aires, Mexico City, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte


This three-month program focuses primarily on web development and offers intensive courses in UX/UI Design & Data Analytics. Ironhack recently raised $3M to help grow its presence in rising tech hubs such as São Paulo and Bogota. They also plan to use the funding for corporate development, or helping companies train existing employees.

Cities: Mexico City, São Paulo, Bogota

World Tech Makers 

Offering courses in business, design, coding, data science, mobile development, fintech, communication, and digital marketing, this bootcamp provides students a complete learning experience depending on their interests.

Cities: Bogota, Medellin, Mexico City, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Guadalajara

Plataforma 5 

Plataforma 5 is a full-time, web development bootcamp in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The 12-week, full-stack bootcamp is designed to help jumpstart the careers of students within the tech environment by taking them from basic coding straight into a software engineering position.

Cities: Buenos Aires

Digital House 

Also based in Argentina, Digital House offers full-time courses in full-stack development - including everything students need to know about working with databases, servers, systems engineering, and clients - as well as mobile web development courses.

Cities: Buenos Aires


The Elevation program in Panama not only trains its participants to become a full-stack web developer in 12 weeks, but it also offers the perfect work-life balance. The locations of the offices in Panama and Mexico are beautifully-designed, beachside and jungle hideaways.

Cities: Panama City, Mexico City


This coding bootcamp can be found in Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile and is a part-time program where students can gain skills in full-stack web development, mobile development, digital marketing, UX design, and much more.

Cities:  Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago

4Geeks Academy 

Named one of Newsweek’s top coding schools, 4Geeks Academy offers a part-time, 16-week course in which participants are trained to master not only the fundamentals of coding but also how to apply their knowledge to create their own web applications.

Cities: Maracaibo and Caracas

Desafio Latam 

The last bootcamp on our list offers part-time courses in four countries across Latin America. Some programs focus on full-stack and front-end web development, as well as mobile game development and digital marketing.

Cities:  Bogotá, Córdoba, Monterrey, Santiago

Growing tech talent in Latin America

So how are these bootcamps helping to fill the skills gap in the tech industry? As technology initiatives in Latin America continue to grow, so does the demand for professional coders. In turn, there are more and more opportunities for young people to pursue careers as software developers. 

Coding bootcamps are a successful way to train those entering the tech industry. This is primarily because the skills needed for coders are constantly evolving, and curriculums need to be renewed regularly to remain relevant to market demands.

When coding bootcamps remain relevant and align with innovations in the emerging technological fields, such as AI and the IoT, then these programs help to fill the skills gap.

So are coding bootcamps rising within the Latin America market? The short answer is yes, especially as the tech startup landscape in the region continues to grow at its current rate.

About the author

Lauren Wells is a marketing intern at Launchway Media and a recent graduate from Bologna Business School. She assists the team with research and content creation and now works as a Digital Marketing Coordinator in Hamburg, Germany.