10 Best Latin American Startup News Sources

The startup scene in Latin America is progressing rapidly. In countries like Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, regulations are changing to make it even easier for entrepreneurs, foreign and native, to start new ventures. In fact, LAVCA’s study of five-year investment trends in the Latin America region reveals that investors have closed deals worth $2.3 billion, nurturing the entrepreneurial ecosystem immensely.

However, despite all of this growth it can be difficult to locate trustworthy news outlets covering the startup ecosystem in Latin America – especially in English. So we've decided to publish a consolidated list of publications, blogs, and newsletters to make the hunt for Latin America's startup news easier for you. Here are the ten best Latin American startup news sources.

1. Nearshore Americas

To bridge the United States and Latin American business worlds, Nearshore Americas showcases quite a few stories on innovation in the Latin American and Caribbean regions. The publication focuses on business deals, legislation changes that could impact startups, as well as poignant commentary from successful Latin American entrepreneurs.

Popular Pieces from Nearshore Americas:


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The Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association curates news stories surrounding larger ventures in Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. LAVCA is a great resource for investors and entrepreneurs interested in the region’s ever-evolving startup markets and important funding news. The site also offers a wider range of topics like modern startup trends in various markets.

Popular Pieces from LAVCA:

3. IDGConnect

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IDGConnect reports regularly on the progress of several Latin American business ventures. While startup highlights from Brazil and Chile are a common focus, IDGConnect also offers extensive startup coverage on business and technology-related news from all over the Latin America region.

Popular Pieces from IDGConnnect:

4. Latin American Technology Review

Billy D. Aldea-Martinez covers Latin American technology news in both English and Spanish. Aldea-Martinez has over 21,000 followers on Twitter and is a trusted voice in the technology business sector. The Australian native covers hot topics surrounding Brazilian startups, anything Fintech-related, and spotlight pieces on notable entrepreneurs and their startups.

Popular Pieces from Latin American Technology Review:

5. Tropical Gringo

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Alan Colmenares, otherwise known as the Tropical Gringo, is a startup advisor and a tried and true entrepreneur. His stories and articles have been featured in VentureBeat and the New York Times. The Pennsylvania native is often seen speaking on panels about digital startup innovations in Latin America. Topics covered in the Tropical Gringo blog include emerging startup markets, increasing digital communication in LATAM, and advice for startups.  

Popular Pieces from Tropical Gringo:

6. Nathan Lustig

Entrepreneur Nathan Lustig is the managing partner at Magma Partners, a venture capital firm with offices in San Francisco, California and Santiago, Chile. Originally from the U.S., Lustig specializes in the business sectors where Latin American and U.S. markets collide. He recently launched a podcast, Crossing Borders, where he features key players involved in various LATAM markets and chats with them about topics that are pertinent to their startup and their market. His entrepreneurial experience during his time with Start-Up Chile and Magma Partners gives him a unique perspective on the entrepreneurial world in LATAM. His blog discusses the do’s and don’ts of doing business in Latin American countries, comprehensive expat guides, and more. 

Nathan Lustig’s Popular Pieces:

7. Launchway Media Blog

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For startup companies looking to create or expand their online presence in English speaking markets, our blog offers tips and advice on everything needed to launch and grow a company in the United States. We also shine a spotlight on accelerators, incubators, and startups in Latin America and provide complete guides to digital marketing and PR strategies for global startups.

Launchway Media’s Popular Pieces:


On a weekly basis, we also distribute a round-up of all the Latin American startup news from the past week in our newsletter, #LATAMSTARTUPWEEKLY. News highlights range from accelerator program and funding news to expansions and product launches. The newsletter also provides spotlight interviews on prominent members of the LATAM startup eco-system, from CEOs and VCs to marketing and PR experts. In a nutshell, our newsletter focuses on everything related to Latin American startups, where they’ve been, what they’ve accomplished, and what’s to come in the LATAM startup ecosystem.

Browse previous issues of our newsletter here and subscribe here.

9. The Sociable

The Sociable frequently covers Latin American businesses and technology news each month. The Sociable writers regularly report on topics concerning marketing, technology-related stories, and put out solid thought pieces related to the region.

Popular Pieces from The Sociable:

10. The Starting Gate

Miami is a huge startup hub for Latin American and U.S startups alike. As a result, The Miami Herald has a section devoted to startup news coverage, appropriately named "The Starting Gate.” Their coverage is often informative and relevant for the many Latin American founders and entrepreneurs residing in Miami, including regular pieces on startups with Latin American founders at the helm. 

Popular Pieces from The Starting Gate:

Thank you for checking out our top choices for Latin American startup news! Do you know of a blog or online publication that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!