A Comprehensive Guide to Miami's Accelerators, Incubators, and Coworking Spaces

It’s no secret that Miami is overflowing with great opportunities, with a strong connect to the Latin American and Caribbean markets. From award-winning accelerators and incubators to well-connected coworking programs, Miami is the quintessential hub for those looking to start a business or make lasting connections. We’ve compiled the top accelerators, incubators, and coworking spaces in The Magic City.

Accelerators & Incubators

Venture Hive

Through a variety of programs and events, Venture Hive prides itself on cultivating entrepreneurs, starting with the high school level and beyond. Most importantly, the Venture Hive community provides excellent networking opportunities. The programs are designed to help entrepreneurs maximize efficiency through education, mentorship, and engagement.  

Endeavor Miami

As the first US-based branch of NGO, Endeavor, Endeavor Miami has successfully guided national and international companies since its start in 2013. Its founders want to see entrepreneurs succeed with help from a diverse network of mentors intent on promoting growth. Endeavor Miami has a multi-step screening process, in search for candidates ready to make an impact.  

Rokk3r Labs

Rokk3r Labs seeks to build meaningful connections between innovative minds from engineers to creative strategists. When working with an enterprise or an entrepreneur, the goal remains the same: Speeding up growth while launching and inspiring great ideas. Rokk3r Labs creates a cultivates an environment that encourages development while making sure to hold true to the original idea. 70% of the $150M Rokk3r Fuel venture fund goes? towards launching great ideas.

Coworking Spaces

The LAB Miami

There’s nothing more inspiring than working in a creative space. The Lab is located in Wynwood Arts District, and there’s certainly no shortage of space in its 10,000 sq ft venue. With a diverse set of members, the Lab welcomes both small businesses and large corporations. The Lab’s mission is to “Learn, Act and Build together” and with over 130+ companies, it is focused on mutual growth and learning.

Pipeline Brickell

Pipeline’s comfort-focused mission is all about ergonomics in the workplace. Between its high-tech furniture and readily available services, luxury is a priority. And luxury comes at an affordable price with amenities like organic coffee included. Pipeline does not require long-term leases so if workers want to leave within 24 hours, it’s possible. Additionally, Pipeline offers free networking events so the community can socialize and connect.


MiamiShared is located in a high-rise with sweeping views of the Magic City. This shared space offers a professional and modern work environment. Open to entrepreneurs and business professionals, MiamiShared wants to see the startup community prosper by creating a seamless coworking space open to all backgrounds.

Miami Innovation Center

The Miami Innovation Center has six double labs and additional spaces in its 41,000 sq ft facility, perfect for those in the science and biotech sectors. The Innovation Center is located within the health district in proximity to hospitals, research centers, colleges, and more. Available for short and long term use, its office program is open to all business professionals and allows members to customize their space. Miami Innovation Center also emphasizes the importance of keeping costs effective and productive.  


As the winner of NewTimes’ 2016 Best Coworking space, Buro prides itself on its vibrant environment. Buro also offers special perks to its members like lounge access, workshops, and local deals. With six locations, Buro hosts a community of entrepreneurs, with the goal to forge meaningful connections all over South Florida.

HUBB Coworking

Hubb not only offers co-working spaces but also hosts accelerator and incubator programs. The Hubb team strives to achieve the work-life balance and also promotes this for its members. Partnered with big names like Chase Bank and SAP, Hubb has a wealth of connections to offer up to its clients. In fact, it even offers up a free day-pass and tour for those who want to check it out before they commit.

CIC Miami

CIC has been around since 1999, fostering a diverse work environment for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Complete with a wet chemical lab with all the fixings, this coworking space is fit for all professions. Members of CIC have access to amenities like community kitchens, conference rooms, and tech support. Not to mention, CIC cares about your well being. The CIC Wellness program offers affordable mind-body workshops to encourage a healthy work-life-balance

Did we miss an accelerator, incubator or coworking space in Miami? Comment below and tell us your success stories along with your favorite spaces out there.