11 Chilean Startups You Need to Know

Over the past few years, and largely through the accelerator program Start-Up Chile, the Chilean government has provided millions of dollars to fund companies willing to start and maintain their business in Chile – a strategy that has positively affected the economy. After years of economic stress, Chile is finally gaining recognition and support for their efforts in creating global connections through these business endeavors.

Thousands of startups have already prospered in Chile, so we thought we’d compiled a list of our top eleven that were founded and continue to operate in Chile.


Algramo, which means "by the gram," is a sustainable food startup that helps strengthen low-income communities by promoting a clean environment through discounted supermarket prices in exchange for people recycling their used containers.

The company has grown slowly, but now, 780 stores sell their goods and collect the used packing materials. Vending machines dispense their products in low-income neighborhoods as well.

 Fresh Water

There are still some countries in the world that don’t have access to a clean water supply. The Fresh Water campaign was started to help fund small machines that can turn air into water. By rolling these devices around neighborhoods to collect the moisture from the air, clean water is finally accessible to the areas with little to no access to clean water. While Fresh Water’s initial goal was only to help Latin America and the Caribbean gain access to clean, drinkable water, with the help of generous donations they hope to help many other countries with these machines as well.

Portal Educativo

Millions of people worldwide are illiterate, and of those who are literate, some still have trouble understanding basic concepts. Portal Educativo decided to combat illiteracy by offering an online educational program. Portal Educativo offers those not affiliated with institutional courses to improve their literacy. They also help children connect on a personal level with their online teachers using specific codes. In doing so, this startup has advanced the educational conversation both inside and outside of the classroom.


Finding a suitable home or office space is challenging, but it is even harder when there isn’t a main index of all the available listings. GoPlaceIt provides a solution to this by providing a thorough listing of all office spaces, apartments, available in South America. This digital index is more informative than any local realtor agency, or general google search could ever be.

Hogar Impeque

Most families need help around the house doing chores or helping with the children. To make it easy to find suitable help, Hogar Impeque offers a bi-hourly housekeeping service. All Hogar Impeque employees are thoroughly screened before being hired. Users of the service can personalize their service needs depending on their particular living situation. The company is looking to expand to more locations shortly.


While job opportunities are widely available in Chile, finding these opportunities can be difficult. Other than LinkedIn, there aren’t many places that provide listings of all the competing job offers. For this reason, ChileTrabajos was born. This resource lists all the available job listings for those looking to live and work in Chile, regardless if they’re Chilean citizens or foreigners with a work visa. ChileTrabajos’ service has simplified the job search in the country and increased the room for opportunity.


Junar is one of the most effective cloud-based open data platforms throughout the United States and Latin America. Junar focuses on working with governments, collecting and transforming government data about citizens in industrialized cities using many web-based technologies. The app provides the data in a way that is easy to understand so now their clients can collect data about target markets quickly and efficiently using Junar's platform. Junar currently has close to 100 customers throughout Latin America and the USA. 


For the wandering traveler looking to explore the vast landscapes and mountains of Chile, Welcu is a social networking site that allows users to publish events on the platform and to join them. It's a list of all the events happening around the country that travelers could enjoy. On their website, users can organize activities and post them for public viewing so others can join. Alternatively, users can peruse the website for events that they might like to join. The platform stays secure with a list of expectations of conduct, which are laid out clearly before new users join the community. Welcu is an excellent way to make traveling through Chile an immersive experience.

Portal Inmobiliario

Chileans are not limited to just housing availability in Chile; instead, they can look for options in any South American country they would like. Portal Inmobiliario gathers listings from any country in South America and offers a price comparison tool. The website has listings that would attract travelers looking for temporary housing, as well as listings that would suit the needs of citizens of South America who are seeking to relocate. Even startups looking for office space can find suitable accommodations on this site.


One of the first successful startups from Chile is SaferTaxi. The mobile app, which is available for both Android and iOS users, has continued to exceed expectations. Through the app, there are 100,000 safe rides booked per month. Users can find the ride nearest them and track the taxi’s route, in real time, in the app. SaferTaxi guarantees the safety of their services by asking that users rate their service and their taxi drivers.


BRICKOP provides an online service for young professionals wanting to invest in apartment units to improve their financial independence.

This startup has been growing steadily since 2013 with +3600 apartments sold and a revenue of $4 million USD in 2016, alone. The company is currently set up in Santiago, Chile and Denver, Colorado with plans to expand in the future. 

While there are hundreds of startup companies in Chile, these are a few of the most notable companies to date.

Is there a Chilean startup that we’ve failed to mention? Let us know in the comments below!