31 Tweet Ideas For Your Startup’s First Month on Twitter

While using Twitter for marketing purposes can be fun, it is not always easy to quickly build up a real audience. After you think long and hard about your startup’s voice and target audience, it’s important that your tweets reflect your objectives. Every tweet should be seen as a way to establish your startup’s identity, whether your goal is to be funny, entertaining or informative.

If you are just starting out on Twitter, or have an existing account but feeling a bit uninspired, here’s a list of 31 tweet ideas to get the ball rolling so you can easily create one month of Twitter content with little effort.

1. Ask for Suggestions or Feedback - People love to help out! Twitter is a simple way to get feedback about your customers’ experiences with your product or service.

2. Thank Others - Thanking new followers, or any mentions is an easy way to stay active.

3. Greet Your Followers - Even a simple “Good Morning” can go a long way in creating relationships.

4. Help Out - Search keywords related to your business and help others solve problems.

5. Daily Tips - Tips sell well on Twitter and are a good way to show off your industry expertise.

6. Follow Friday - Participate in #FF or any other Twitter networking trends to expand your following.

7. Trending Topics - Take part in the trending topics or popular hashtags to gain some attention. Just make sure your opinions reflect your brand’s identity.

8. Teasers - Post previews of projects or offerings you are working on.

9. Events - Share information about events you are holding as well as participating in. This not only informs, but it also shows you are active and can attract attendees!

10. Open Positions - Tweet about job openings, whether they are with your company or at other businesses you may know.

11. Find Influencers - Research who the top influencers are in your industry and try to build conversations with them.

12. Twitter Coupons - Announce a deal of the day or weekly deal that is exclusive to your Twitter following. Track and evaluate its viral reach to understand how influential your brand is.

13. Share Your Wisdom - We all need a bit of inspiration sometimes. Quotes and thought-provoking tweets are one of the most retweeted posts on the network.

14. Ask Real Questions - By asking genuine questions, you are more likely to get real responses and interactions.

15. Answer Questions - Take the time to answer any questions you may see whether or not they are directed to you. If you can provide an informative answer, you may even get a thankful reply and gain a few new followers.

16. Direct Traffic Elsewhere - Twitter is a simple way to throw out a link to your other social media sites or blog. Just avoid posting these links too often.

17. Tweet The News - Share news stories you are currently reading, or articles and videos related to your business or industry. A quarter of all Twitter posts include a link to another piece of content!

18. Countdowns - Build excitement and anticipation by counting down the days, weeks, or even hours until a new product launch, event, or other celebration.

19. Share Industry Resources - Provide valuable resources from well-known companies or thought leaders. This could be whitepapers, checklists, eBooks, and anything that can help out your customers.

20. Company Trivia - Ask trivia questions about your company that require followers to visit your website to find the answer. This is a great way to help your customers learn more about your startup!

21. Employee Recognition - Use employee recognition tweets to get your team engaged! It also gives your followers a behind-the-scenes look at the employees who make your company.

22. Memes - If we’ve learned anything about the Internet over the last few years it’s that people love memes. They can also drive serious clicks and views!

23. Share Your Favorite Apps - There’s no reason to keep all of your favorite apps and tools a secret. Share your recommendations with your followers; it might help others boost their productivity too.

24. Company Milestones - Did you just form an amazing partnership, reach 100 sales or 1,000 followers? Tweet about it!

25. Celebrate a Holiday - From National Bacon Day to Best Friends’ Day, there are many lesser known holidays that might be perfect marketing opportunities or just fun for your brand to celebrate.

26. Share Something You Just Learned - As a startup, you probably attend a number of networking events and presentations. Share some of that new knowledge with your followers.

27. Polls - Conducting a poll on Twitter is super easy, and you can even ask your followers a simple yes or no question.

28. Share Your Favorite Book or Podcast - Write a review of a book you recently read or podcast you listened to in 140 characters or less!

29. Fill-in-the-Blank - Create a fill-in-the-blank tweet related to your business (or not) and watch fans respond! For example:

[YOUR STARTUP’S NAME] has changed the way I ________.

My favorite place to brunch in [YOUR CITY] is _______.

30. Trending Video - Share a funny or entertaining YouTube video that reflects your company’s personality or story.

31. Thank Someone For Great Service - Tweet about awesome customer service you received from another company.

Twitter posts are there one second and gone the next. If a consistent Twitter presence is one of your marketing objectives, then it’s key to keep your brand fresh in your followers’ minds and provide valuable information that will keep them listening to you.