Top 7 Stand Out Coworking Spaces in Latin America

Coworking spaces are a popular commodity for the ever-growing remote workforce. Last year global cowork spaces reported an average of 76 members, which is almost 50% more than just two years ago.

The attraction to these spaces is obvious. They bring entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups  from different profession-s and from all types of business sectors, together to work side-by-side, making networking and collaborating possible. This intermingling of different business sectors was never an option in the traditional office space of earlier decades, and that’s what makes these workspaces so special. It gives remote workers a homebase where they can work within a community of like-minded individuals.

Our Launchway Media team spent a month working in the popular Buenos Aires coworking space, La Maquinita, in Palermo Soho. The conducive work atmosphere and networking possibilities we found there were refreshing. As a remote startup traveling around Latin America, (we are now located in both Argentina and Colombia) our positive experience inspired this blog post which breaks down the most notable cowork spaces available in LATAM.

According to the Quartz study below, LATAM-based cowork locations are some of the most affordable cowork spaces in the world.

So which are the most noteworthy cowork spaces operating in LATAM?

CocoVivo Panama – Isla de San Cristóbal, Panamá

For those looking for a traditional office setting, this is not the space for you. Cocovivo Panama is located on the southern tip of Isla de San Cristóbal. This coworking space is made up of two cabins on the water, standing tall on stilts, with an additional house attached overlooking a lagoon. The coworking space has both indoor and outdoor meeting rooms, solar-powered Wi-Fi, and projectors for presentations.

When you need a break, there is swimming and paddle boarding thanks to its ideal island location. Not to mention, they offer horseback riding and hiking on their 145 acre surrounding property.

Is this a coworking space or a vacation destination? It may be both and it’s definitely not chosen on a whim. This cowork space is not easily accessible from Panama City, where most remote workers would be located, so it’s definitely a destination for an arranged work trip or company retreat.

Sinergia Cowork Montevideo - Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay’s first cowork space, Sinergia Cowork MVD (Cowork Synergy MVD), lives up to the name, offering events like Hackathons, Pitch Nights, talks with startup influencers, workshops, etc., facilitating collaborative opportunities for their startup clientele.

A startup incubator, Incubadora Singeria, is also run out of the space. This incubator is relatively new, currently working with its 5th class of startup participants.

Finally, their online site hosts blogs from fellow entrepreneurs, as well as offers recommendations for podcast series and more. For any startups looking for an active startup community in Uruguay, this cowork space offers a lot that may interest you.

Urban Station - Argentina/Colombia/Chile

An Urban Station in Bogotá, Colombia

An Urban Station in Bogotá, Colombia

Urban station lives up to its motto, “Enjoy working differently!” They are located all around LATAM in cities like Bogotá, Colombia, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Chilean cities, Concepción and Santiago. These cowork locations typically offer futuristic decor filled with individual and communal tables, meeting rooms, auditoriums, etc. They also offer access to international courier and delivery options.

The exact amenities can vary slightly, of course, depending on which of the 10 locations you are working at, with some offering terrace spaces and others offering bike rentals. Our Launchway team was able to work at one of these locations in Palermo, Buenos Aires, using a day pass and we found it very conducive to our working needs during a client’s product launch.

Areatres - Buenos Aires, Argentina

The name (Zone Three in English) refers to the idea of a third place, or a social environment, that is separate from your home and workplace.

Areatres has two locations in Buenos Aires - in Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. Both locations offer an array of different work spaces with private rooms, meeting rooms, and communal areas. The cowork space is owned by US expat Martin Frankel, who is also the owner of a very well-known expat bar in Buenos Aires, Sugar Bar.

Expats are abound here if you’re looking for an atmosphere with frequent international meet and greets.

When you’re not working, there a recreational areas with ping-pong tables and televisions.

Movistar Innova Center - Santiago, Chile

This is one of the largest co-working spaces in Chile, with a reported 1,500 square meters. It opened in March of this year, so the amenities are new. The space also works progressively with participants in the accelerator, Startup Chile.

This cowork space is managed by Urban Station but houses a bunch more facilities, than just a cowork space. That includes a bank branch focusing on entrepreneurs, an investment fund, a restaurant, and an event venue. It’s a cowork space that aims toward helping accelerator participants grow their startups in multiple aspects. The workspace is open to the public so for entrepreneurs that may not be in an accelerator but are looking to work around people in that environment, this would be the coworking space in Santiago.  

La Maquinita Co. - Buenos Aires, Argentina

This modernly designed space has 6 locations throughout Buenos Aires. Our Launchway Team worked at the location in Palermo Soho for a month. We were elated to switch it up from our usual routine of cafe-hopping and apartment swapping as pseudo-office spaces.

We had access to an assortment of group desk spaces, individual desk spaces, hammock chairs, couches, and communal kitchen areas with an unlimited supply of coffee. For Skype sessions or important in-person meetings, there were a bevy of conference rooms to choose from. We began working at the location just as it got warmer, so we experienced a complimentary asado (barbecue) on La Maquinita’s rooftop. There, we were able to mingle and network with the other startups working at the space.

Fridays at 5pm was the start of a complimentary happy hour, followed by nightly events. One in particular, Fuck Up Nights BA, was an event where entrepreneurs come together to share their stories of failure with one another. The coworking space experience was a positive one, and one we’ll definitely repeat in the future.

For anyone looking for a sophisticated startup atmosphere in Buenos Aires, this is a good option.  

Atom House - Bogotá & Medellín, Colombia

Atom House functions more like a work hostel than a cowork space, in that it offers access to communal living areas day or night. The space offers lounge chairs, showers, fully-stocked kitchens, televisions, and even dorm rooms. And that’s only on the 3rd floor, known as “The Hacker House.”

The whole building is open 24/7 to workaholic entrepreneurs looking for a productive, collaborative work space away from home. On other floors, Atom House provides the standard desk spaces, conference rooms, and auditoriums that can fit up to 60, etc.

Like any cowork/hostel hybrid, Atom House not only provides a location but also a lifestyle by offering workshops, networking events, etc. In short, this cowork hostel is tricked out with everything for an entrepreneur to pull an all nighter, crash for the morning in one of their dorm rooms, and hold an investor meeting in one of the auditoriums by the afternoon. What more could a remote worker ask for?

To wrap up, if you’re a remote worker in LATAM, take advantage of the luxury you have of not being tied to one desk; these spaces are very affordable in most cases. Take this list to explore and work around the continent. Cowork spaces can be an economical choice in the long run as well because, as we all know, those pseudo-office coffee shops aren’t free either.