4 Signs Your Startup is Ready to Invest in Content Marketing

Most startups know that content marketing is important, but few know when is the right time to take the plunge, or how exactly it ties in with their product or service. The real reason content marketing matters is because it can enable your startup to reach its goals much faster. When done right, content marketing can not only help build brand awareness but also generate leads when you’re on a budget and have limited resources. Content marketing can also help nail down your company’s message, and communicate it through the right channels to the right audiences.

So how do you know if your startup is ready to move forward with a content marketing campaign? Here are the signs:

1. When your startup has identified its target audience

Nailing down your target audience can be one of the hardest challenges your startup will face. But once you’ve identified your target audience you can benefit greatly from engaging with them directly through informative, targeted content.

You can use content marketing tactics to pinpoint their concerns and show exactly how you can help them. Remember, when done right content marketing always focuses on your customers and their needs, not just any subject that you feel like writing.

When thinking about content marketing, many immediately think of a company blog — but it doesn’t have to be just blog posts. Your strategy can include delivering content in a variety of forms that best fit your audience. This could include:

  • Social media posts {including graphics and videos}

  • eBooks

  • White papers

  • Case studies

  • Infographics

  • Slideshows

  • Podcasts

2. When your startup has something to say or share

Content marketing can take time and many startups often believe they have nothing interesting to share yet. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you’re an early-stage startup, you can document your journey, lessons learned, and offer advice to others.

This type of content is especially popular on platforms like LinkedIn and Medium. People enjoy reading about other startups’ experiences first-hand. Here are just a few examples:

3. When your startup has defined content delivery channels that work

When you have a good idea of the channels that work best to reach your startup’s target audience, it’s time to start distributing content on these channels on a regular basis and keep them coming back for more.

Content marketing is one of the best ways to amplify your voice and provide value to your customers. It helps expedite the process from learning to taking the decision to buy from you. You want to convince and convert — and with high-quality content you can be extremely effective at doing both.

If you’ve spent time building a following on your target social media channels, then you already have an audience who will be receptive to content about your brand or industry. Now is the time to deliver to that audience as soon as possible.

4. When your startup is seeking investment

Content marketing isn’t just for lead generation. It’s also key to building the credibility of your startup. A good time to invest in content is when you start seeking funding, so when an investor does research on your startup, they’ll find blog posts, articles, and videos that showcase your knowledge and expertise.

Contrary to popular belief, investors aren’t always looking for the ‘next big thing’. Instead, they’re looking at what each team member brings to the table. The ideas, beliefs, and knowledge you or your team possesses can be a critical factor in making your startup stand out. Strong content can help your startup build genuine relationships with both your customers and investors alike. It can even lead to them turning to you for accurate and relevant information on technologies or the latest industry trends.

As you start to market your startup, remember that a strong content strategy is key to building credibility and reaching your goals for a fraction of the cost of traditional paid channels. It does take time and effort, but if you’re ready to take the plunge we are also here to help! Launchway Media has helped dozens of startups build customized content campaigns that have generated sustainable organic traffic and leads at every startup stage. Find out more here.