10 Types of Technical Content We Can Write for Your Startup

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of marketing agencies out there. But as a startup, your content marketing needs may go beyond social media and the occasional blog post. There will be numerous occasions when your startup will have more demanding, technical content needs, and that’s where we can help!

We are experts in crafting high-quality technical content as well as engaging content for websites and social media. As a result of many years of writing an array of content and marketing materials for technology startups, our team has developed the key skills necessary to simplify complex products and service features into useful marketing materials that are manageable and easy-to-understand.

Here are some of the more technical types of content we can help your startup with:

1. Introductory Pages

We can help your startup team draft product or service overview documents. This could be anything from a “How To Get Started” page, tutorials, or “how-to’s” for a specific feature or tool.

2. In-App Copy

The content and messaging that is delivered inside your app is just as important as the technology behind it. Creative and engaging messaging plays an important role in increasing conversions, revenue, and most importantly, engagement with your product.

3. Pitch Decks

One of the most essential documents in any startup’s toolkit is the pitch deck. These slides illustrate your idea with the goal of converting others, mainly investors, into true believers of your company’s vision. We can help your startup define the message you want to convey and explain how you should convey it to significantly increase your chances of success.

4. FAQ Page

An FAQ section on your website or app is key to helping your customers find the information they are looking for without necessarily contacting your team directly. We can help your startup compile the most common issues raised by your customers or users and craft succinct, helpful answers. With a technology product or service, it’s important to be concise and provide answers that anyone can understand regardless if they’re a new or seasoned customer.

5. App Store Descriptions

App store optimization is key for capturing your potential new users’ attention. We have a great deal of experience in crafting App Store copy that can explain the value of an app to a new user and excite them at the same time. We’ll highlight key features as well as describe the problem and solution your app is solving.

6. Social Ads

A social media ad campaign is an excellent way to amplify your startup’s voice to a wider audience. We’ve run successful social ad campaigns for numerous mobile app and SaaS startups and we can help your startup drive desirable results on social platforms too. Whether you want to get more exposure for your content or introduce a new product, we can write ad copy that will get you in front of the right audience.

7. Tutorial Pages

Creating a cheat sheet or how-to guide can walk your new users or customers through the best ways to use your technical product or service. We can help your startup create this document or page on your website and write it in a language that is easy to follow.

8. Case Studies

Case studies are an excellent way to show how valuable your products or services are and how your company is solving a real problem. We can help your startup write exceptional case studies that highlight your successes in a way that convinces potential customers to become your actual customers.  

9. eBooks

An eBook is one of the best ways to grow your email list and nurture qualified leads. eBooks can act as an effective opt-in incentive that makes it easy for your target audience to hand over their contact information in exchange for your content. We can help your startup generate engaging eBook topics and write an eBook that will attract qualified leads for your product or service.

10. White Papers

A white paper can help your startup build trust and credibility with your product or services. This well-written document with problem-solving information can help potential customers understand your company offerings and want to learn more. We can help educate your audience with white papers and help them make decisions in choosing the best product or service that suits their needs.

We develop high-quality, engaging content for all of the digital channels where your startup needs to be. Contact Launchway Media today to learn more about our customized monthly packages for growth and our one-time/on-demand content writing and editing services.