Launchway Media is a remote team powered by talented marketing experts and content creators. Our team has many years of experience working together in Latin America, and we have an outstanding track record helping brands and products across the globe.

We understand the challenges faced by emerging businesses in specialized industries and can partner with you to design a fully customized approach to retain your existing customers, attract new ones, and optimize your brand for online success.

Meet our Founders


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Nora Leary

Head of Marketing
& Business Development

Katie Griffing

Head of Operations


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The Launchway Media team works hard to stay on top of the latest trends in marketing, startups, and technology. Read some of our work that has been published in news outlets across the globe.


Launchway Media Talks Being an All-Women Team in Latin America

Launchway‘s unique location and business model — the bilingual marketers operate out of Latin America and help startups navigate the area’s business ecosystem — give them an interesting startup story of their own. Here’s the story of how the marketing team struck out on their own and what lessons they learned in the process.


For startups joining an accelerator, here are six benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing tasks while you’re going through the program.

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Here’s a look at the financial technology startups in Latin America with the most potential for success, from early-stage startups on the rise, to more established names.

How to Get One of Those great data science jobs

The skills gap in data science has many marketers, business people, and computer scientists considering going into the field. So for novices who want to get into data science, where there are jobs to be had, here is how to break into the field.

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Logistics Startups Facing Difficult Roadblocks in Latin America

While some logistics startups are finding success, there are myriad opportunities for better shipping solutions in Latin America.


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